Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's Frugal Friday! Today I'm sharing with you a project that I originally shared back in February. But a great project bears repeating.

From the moment I laid eyes on them, I longed to have a set of these beautiful smocked curtains.

And I knew then and there that I HAD to come up with a less expensive version of these beauties (i.e. one that didn't cost $108 per panel). And I had a plan.

Then while visiting my parents, my Papa dragged me to the basement to look at some of the things we stored at their house before we moved to Massachusetts. Lo and behold, in the box were a pair of curtains from the Princess' nursery.

I remembered them immediately (why had I stored them away? hello?) and knew they would make the perfect smocked beauties I envisioned.

They were inexpensive PB knockoffs...from Tar-jay I believe. But they were just what I needed. Slightly sheer...and they had the added bonus of having a "grid" woven right in. The plaid pattern saved me having to make measurements which was what I was dreading the most in my "smocking" plan.

Now, I have a disclaimer to make. If anyone reading this blog knows how to smock, please forgive me. I just flew by the seat of my pants.

I figured it would be kind of like creating in fabric, a hairstyle that I have done numerous times on the Princess.

And it was. Sort of. I started out by creating a sort of "M" pleat on every other stripe. Then I simply sewed each pleat through about three times and knotted it off.

I then took each of the "point" pleats of the "M" and seperated them pulling them down and over so that they met at the next horizontal row down, and the next vertical row over, and sewed them together again.

I repeated that process for 6 rows. I'm not gonna lie. It was kind of a pain. The first panel took me an hour and a half. The second only took about an hour because I had it down to "science" by then.

But I ADORE the results. And the cost was FREE!!! Well, I think the panels probably cost $20 for the pair 7 years ago. But...they were free today!

Now, one thing to keep in mind if you try to tackle a project like this on your own is that you are going to lose the width of the panels by half. So mine had to become stationary panels. They look lovely, however, over the Princess' bed with her old sheers under them.

This is a picture of the Princess' room with the smocked curtains before I redid it, but you can see the panels better in this photo.

Here is the Princess' room after it's redo, just so you can see how it looks today. :-)
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Make Your Guests at Home~

I mentioned a few weeks back that we were going to have house guests on and off for several weeks this summer. I just love house guests!!

And I love to make sure that my guests feel at home. So today I thought I'd share a fun idea with you...

I always leave fresh, fluffy towels on the ends of the beds where my guests will be sleeping. But here's a way to make them extra special...

First, I tied the top towel up with some twine...and added this sweet handwritten tag and a key to the house so my guests can come and go at their leisure.

Then I added a blingy initial (theirs, of course) tied on with some vintage velvet ribbon as a little memento for my guests to take home.

It's small touches like these that make guests feel welcome and loved! My dear readers, do you have any great entertaining ideas that you use for house guests? I'd love to hear them!

Have a great day~


Linky Love~

Wow!! Last week's Frugal Friday party was amazing!! So many wonderful projects you all shared...and tons of great furniture redos (especially hutches this week...you all must be on the same wavelength). I had a great time looking through the posts, and a really hard time narrowing down what I was going to share with you today.

That said, here are a few of my favorites from last week...

First up, Primitive and Proper shared a pretty French cabinet redo...you know I love me some gray furniture.

And speaking of gray furniture, Twice Lovely rehabbed a pretty old sideboard. Love it!

Beautiful Nest shared her painted vinyl kitchen floor. Such a great idea!

One of the amazing hutch redos from last week was shared by The Bethencourts. I ADORE this hutch. Want. it. too. much.

And finally, Edge Designs shared an entertainment armoire turned charming changing station. What a darling idea!!

If you missed the amazing event that was last week's Frugal Friday, do yourself a favor and click here. You can thank me later. Just sayin'.

Have a great day~


The Reality of Being Me~

Hi! I’m Wendy Hyde author of The Shabby Nest. Here at my blog I share frugal decorating at its best - I have an eye for pretty and I love to create caviar rooms on a tuna fish budget.

Before I became a blogger, however, I became a mom. But, becoming a mom was a hard-won battle. Once my husband and I decided we were ready to have children, we suffered 4 years of fertility issues. During that difficult time I pouted, ranted, screamed, cried and felt hopeless. Then finally, amazingly, we were able to conceive. And now I’m a mother to four. Four children that I am crazy in love with. With that passionate, irrational love that only a mother can really understand. They are my everything.

After the birth of our youngest, our lives changed forever. He was born with a genetic liver disorder called Alpha-1 Antitrypsin deficiency. Because it is a genetic disease, our doctors urged us to have our other children tested, and we found out that two of our other three children also have the disease. Three out of four. What are the odds? We were devastated and terrified.

Luckily, right now our three boys are essentially healthy and normal so I am able to push their disease to the back of my mind most of the time, and go on with life. But in the quiet moments before I fall asleep or when I first wake, the worry comes. And I hope and pray for them that the researchers working on a cure for Alpha-1 will find it.

Somewhere in all this mothering and this worry, I forgot about myself. I pushed my aspirations to the back. I focused so much on being a mom, that I didn’t focus on me…at all.

I have always been a creative person, so this began to take a toll on me. And I felt guilt about that, until I discovered the world of blogging. It didn’t take me long to realize that writing a blog was the perfect answer to my dilemma. I could put myself out there in the blogosphere while still remaining a devoted mom. And The Shabby Nest was born.

I was amazed and elated when I started receiving comments from people who were actually interested in what I had to say! And as my readership grew, my love for my blog grew as well. I love the fact that I can share my passion for design with like minded individuals all over the world. I love the fact that I can be Wendy – that I have something that is uniquely mine and that it is appreciated by others.

So I will continue to write. I will continue to share my love of design. I will continue to gain a voice. And in so doing I will continue to advocate for my boys and their disease. And hopefully, this will help me do what I can toward finding a cure for Alpha-1.

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Frugal Friday (and my bloggy birthday)~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

I am pre-empting my regular Frugal Friday project this week, because I am a bad blogger.

Would you believe that yesterday was The Shabby Nest's 2 year blogiversary? And I forgot. Okay, well I didn't really forget. I knew it was at the end of July...I just didn't remember what day, until I looked back through my archives...yesterday. Silly girl that I am.


This little blog has become such an important part of my life. It is really an extension of who I am. It is my catharsis...my creative outlet. Through writing this blog I have made many amazing friends...real, true friends! I have an online community that is creative, inspiring and incredibly supportive! I look forward each and every day to reading your comments - I just love to see what you all have to say! And I adore visiting your wonderful blogs and soaking up the inspiration!

I am so grateful for my fabulous readers! I love that you come and visit my little old blog. I love that you link up to Frugal Friday! I love that this little corner of the blogosphere is the place I call my bloggy home.

Thank you for two wonderful years of blogging here at The Shabby Nest! Here's to many more! (and I think we'll have a little bloggy birthday party next week...since I was so oblivious this week....)

But now it's your turn...

Got something you want to share this week for Frugal Friday?

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Linky Love~

My dear readers! You are such a talented bunch!! I look forward every week to the amazing projects you are going to share on Frugal Friday...and I am never disappointed.

Here are just a few of my favorites from last week...

First up, Kristine at The Painted Hive shared her dining room makeover. I LOVE it! And not just because I have a similar silver vintage fan in my dining room. ;-)

Next, Rooted in Love shared a DIY kitchen counter and backsplash makeover. And get this, she used spraypaint. No seriously. You HAVE to see this transformation to believe it!!

Michele at The White House wanted a shabby chic church pew for her house...so she modified a thrifted bench. That's my kind of girl!!

And finally, Jami at Freckled Laundry shared her faux zinc nightstand. Loved it! This is now on my to-do list.

If you haven't had a chance to check out last week's Frugal Friday, do yourself a BIG favor and click here.

Something fun on the agenda for tomorrow, so make sure and stop by!!



Ahhhh summer~

I'm feeling much better now.

Our AC is working, and it's down right pleasant in our house today. Lovin' the fact that I can sit upstairs and not sweat.

And I did go spend the afternoon at the pool yesterday with one of my favorite people, her little people, and my little people. Nothing like a lazy day at the pool to change your perspective on life.

So I had a couple of readers ask me questions on yesterday's post, and I want to take a minute and answer them...

First up, Amy asked how I get the colors in my photos to look "that way".... My answer? Picnik.com. Picnik is a fabulous online photo editing website, and many of their actions are free. In fact, all of the editing I did to the photos in yesterday's post was done for free. The website is a lot of fun, and very user friendly! You can thank me later. ;-)

Next, Joyce asked about my toenail polish. It's Pure Ice from Bari Cosmetics. I purchased mine at Wally World. I wanted something a little sassy, but still summery! Nothing like a cheery blue on your toes to make you smile!!

I know my blog has been a little light on the decor posts lately....but I've been busy with all kinds of Decorating Consultations, so I'll have some fun posts coming up for you soon!!

Have a great day~


I'm Melting~

It has been hot around here. And when I say hot, I mean hot.

Now, I must preface the rest of my post by saying that the dry heat out here in Utah, is much more bearable than the humid heat back East. But, all that goes out the window when our AC is broken.

Yes, our AC is broken. The kiosk down by our town park said it was 105 degrees yesterday. And I might have been able to handle that, if the temperature inside our house wasn't 93 degrees. It's true. I looked at the thermostat at 5:30 pm, and it was 93 degrees inside our house.

The basement was liveable...almost pleasant...and the house cools down nicely at night. But the heat makes me cranky. Like the wicked witch of the west. And I did feel like I was melting.

Now, before you go feeling too sorry for me, our AC is set to be fixed today. Of course, the temperature is supposed to go down today as well. So maybe I'll feel more like Glinda than her cranky sister. And maybe I'll actually be able to get something accomplished rather than becoming a puddle of melted goo on the floor.

Or then again, maybe I'll just go to the pool and work on my tan. ;-)

Have a great day~


Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday.

Mr. One's favorite animal is a giraffe. He has been infatuated with those amazing animals for as long as I can remember. So when I spotted this...

...at Anthropologie a few months back, I knew I had to have one for Mr. One's Tween room. Ah, but there was a small catch. The price tag. I just couldn't bring myself to pay Anthro's price for the papier mache beauty....but I was sorely tempted....considered it for a long time....even tried to justify it to myself. But in the end I decided I just couldn't do it.

Every once in a while I would think about that little giraffe head, and the temptation, consideration, and justification would begin again. And I was always sad when I talked myself out of it.

But then I received my latest edition of BHG's DIY Magazine. And in it was a tutorial for making a papier mache deer bust...since they are so popular right now.

(AND MY APOLOGIES RIGHT HERE AND NOW FOR THE FACT THAT I COULD NOT FIND THE TUTORIAL ONLINE...nor do I have it scanned in since I don't have a scanner for this computer...I know, bad blogger...)

The supplies needed were fairly simple:

1. A styrofoam sphere - I purchased a 6" sphere for about $3.50 at Wallyworld.

2. A 2-liter soda bottle - had a few left over after Mr. One's birthday party.

3. White glue and water.

4. Tape - I used duct tape since it was all I had on hand.

So first things first, I had to carve the sphere into something resembling a giraffe's head. I use my electric carving knife for just such endeavors since I'm not much of a cook...works like a charm. Now I must tell you all...the circle shape made it nearly impossible to get a long, lean giraffe head like the Anthro version. And my first attempt looked much more like a cow than a giraffe.

Looks kinda creepy, huh? Stick with me though, people.

So I continued carving until I ended up with a nice slim nose...and although it still looked a little more bovine than giraffe...I called it good.

Then I cut the ends off the 2 liter bottle, and cut it up one side. I rolled it to create more of a cone shape and taped it shut with duct tape. I shoved the styrofoam head on top, cut some ears and horns out of cardstock, placed them where they should go and taped the whole concoction together with more duct tape.

Still kinda creepy, I know. (And still kinda of cow-like...I think I slimmed the nose again after I took this photo.)

Then came the fun part....dipping newspaper in the glue-and-water-goop and smoothing it on. Did that twice...letting it dry in between. Then I added spots using a goldish colored kraft paper, let that dry, and drew on eyes.


My $3.50 version of Anthro's $69 giraffe. I know it's not as elegant as the original. But Mr. One loves it, and it's whimsical and fun, so I'm calling it a success.

I decided not to put it above the workstation like I said in my teaser post on Monday, but I'll show you just where I am placing it next week.

Now it's your turn...

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Do you have someone in your life who makes you feel lighter? carefree? bouyant? I'm lucky enough to have someone like that.

My sister.

Amazing that sometimes we are lucky enough to be given a best friend...to grow up with one...to have that person be a part of our lives through birth and by choice.

That's my sister and me...

When we're together, we act a little younger...laugh a little more...cry sometimes...she is someone who really understands me...who understands the inner-workings of my brain...and loves me despite it all. She understands me in a different way even than the hubby does (and he knows me better than I know myself)...because she and I are very much the same person...like twins...with a few years between us.

I can never express my thanks enough for the gift God has given me in her.

But I'll never stop trying.

(Our matching bracelets from
DownEast Outfitters...buy one get one free...just thought you'd like to know.)


Linky Love~

Howdy folks!! Welcome to this week's edition of Linky Love! As always, you all never cease to amaze me with all of your Frugal Decor ideas.

Here are a few of my favorites from last week's Frugal Friday...

Emily from Imperfect shared a brown-and-white-board-and-batten nursery. Love. it.

Becky at Tea Party shared an amazing DIY ottoman. Although she admits this was not an "easy" project, I think you'll agree that the result was impressive!

After talking about the Dignitet display system from IKEA yesterday, I thought that the clothespin art display Robin at Keep Home Simple shared was quite timely.

Finally, Jami from The Blackberry Vine shared a darling photo project...framed photo confetti. I'm always game for a new way to display photos, and this one is quite clever.

If you haven't had a chance to check out last week's Frugal Friday, take a minute and click over now. You can thank me later. ;-)

Have a great day~


The Tween Room - For the Love of IKEA~

It occurred to me that I haven't talked about Mr. One's Tween room in a while. So I thought I'd give you all a little update today.

As you may remember, I had some grand plans before my budget for his room was suddenly gone. So I made do with what I had already purchased.

One of the things we were lucky enough to have purchased before our budget ran out was the IKEA Expedit workstation. I love this desk/bookshelf combo.

This is the version we purchased for Mr. One's room...it has a black/brown finish. I love the clean modern lines. And the storage...Oh, the storage! It was easy to put together with the help of the hubby.

Just a hint: If you happen to put together this bookcase with your spouse, please make sure you are both in good communication mode that day. So that when you ask him to "hold it up for a minute", he doesn't hear "put it down" (because those two things sound so similar...lol) and accidentally drop said bookcase on your little toe causing a huge purple bruise that lasts a week and half. Don't worry, I've long since forgiven the Hubby for his lapse in listening skills. Really, I have..

In the meantime, I have something up my sleeve for Mr. One's room...that I plan to hang above the workstation in the interim.

Here's a hint...What do Anthropologie, a 2-liter soda bottle, and a Styrofoam sphere have in common? Well, you'll have to wait until Frugal Friday to find out...but it will be worth the wait! (I hope anyway.)

Have a great day~


Frugal Friday~

I originally shared this project back in November of last year...but a good project bears repeating, and so I am sharing it with you all again for today's Frugal Friday...

Many moons ago I saw these pretty bulletin boards in a PB catalog. I. fell. in. love. I knew that I had to have them. But I also knew I didn't want to pay the PB price. What's a Frugal OCD (Obsessively Consumed with Decorating) girl to do? Why, make them of course!

First, I stopped at my favorite thrift/junque/antique shop and found a couple of old frames. (I got both for only $5!) Then, after I started painting the first one, I remembered to take a before photo.

I gave each frame a coat of Nantucket White by Ralph Lauren. Just one coat, because I wasn't interested in creating pristine looking frames. I wanted them to look a little shabby. To add to the shabby-ness, I took a sanding block and knocked a little paint off the tops of the relief.

Then to make the pin-boards, I just wrapped some pretty linen around some cardboard and hot glued it on the back. I would really recommend getting some foam core for a project like this, but I was aiming to use what I had. Popped them in their respective frames and VOILA!

Perfectly pretty places to pop all my project notes. (yes, I'm practicing my alliteration today.)
Now it's your turn!
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The Big 1-0~

When I asked Mr. One what kind of a birthday party he wanted this year, his reply was immediate...a BBQ and night games. The perfect kind of party for a bunch of boys celebrating one of their own moving into the double digits. That's right folks...Mr. One now has an entire decade under his belt! He was my millenium baby...and now he's ten. When did that happen?

The party had to be one of the easiest I've ever planned...Mr. One wanted to be in charge of deciding exactly what games everyone would play...Keep Away, Capture the Flag, and some sort of battle game whose rules seemed extremely complicated to me.

He also wanted to light sparklers and throw pop-its (you know those little paper things that pop when you throw them at the ground...fun to use...miserable to clean up afterwards.)
All I was in charge of was the food... and the decor of course.

The decor? Well, Mr. One was born on the 6th of July...which is mightly close to the 4th of July. So a red, white, and blue party seemed like the obvious logical choice.
We discovered (thanks to Mr. Three) that this little bench is a great chalkboard, so I took advantage of the fact to wish Mr. One a Happy Birthday!

It worked as the perfect gift depository.

And what do you feed a bunch of hungry boys? Hot dogs of course! With loads of chips. Soda - those mini-cans are the perfect size for growing boys...

The table was very unfussy...a little burlap for the tablecloth...red, white, and blue baskets and paperware.

Mr. Three sneaking some potato chips before the party starts.

And smores for dessert - that's when the firepit we built this weekend came in handy. (And no, it's not really in the grass...it just looks that way in the photo.)

And just to add a bit to the sugar rush...let's top it all off with cupcakes and icecream. And my disclaimer of the day? With so much family in town lately, I just couldn't bring myself to make cupcakes. So I (dare I say it?) bought them. But they were perfect...in unnaturally bright shades of red, white, and blue...and judging by how fast they disappeared, they must have tasted good.

Finally, I debated about what to give for party favors, but finally decided on these giant bubble wands I found at Wallyworld...I mean hey, they matched my color scheme. I was a bit worried that the boys wouldn't like them. But was I ever wrong. They were a hit!

All in all, a great initiation into the double digits for Mr. One. Happy Birthday to my firstborn! You are a riot!! I'm so glad you're ours!

Frugal Friday goes up at Midnight EST for all you night owls!

Have a great day~